Diploma & Certificate in Gender Studies

A program designed by professionals for the gender-based community


Considering the significance and importance of gender-based issues for the mid-career professionals (Bureaucrats, Journalists, Govt. and NGO employees) based/posted in Islamabad/Rawalpindi, the Centre of Excellence in Gender Studies, Quaid-i-Azam University introduces Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma in Gender Studies programs during the evening. All the courses offered will be instructed by competent and diverse faculty members of the Centre.


CEGS as a Centre of Excellence is geared towards education and awareness along with promoting research-based programs. To cater to the mid-career professionals’ academic and research needs, it is felt that programs of short duration would be offered that would be beneficial for those individuals who otherwise might not be able to join long duration (morning) programs.


The programs will cater to individuals from diverse academic and professional backgrounds. Mid-career individuals and professionals will be preferred on the basics of experience over fresh graduates. The committee comprising of the CEGS faculty shall determine the candidate’s eligibility/qualification to take admission in the evening program.




Five Working Days

Note: Classes can be arranged on weekends to meet the credit hours requirement if needed. (Occasionally)

Postgraduate Certificate in Gender StudiesPostgraduate Advanced Diploma in Gender Studies
STRUCTURE OF THE PROGRAM Certification is Leading to Postgraduate Advanced Diploma in Gender Studies
Classes to be held five days a week
Duration: 16-18 working weeks
Credit Hours: 15
No. of Courses: 5 Courses
Courses: All Compulsory
This program will build on the previously offered certificate level, allowing the individuals who want to continue with it after the previous level.
Duration: 1year (2-semersters)
Credit Hours: 33 (Certificate course credit hours 15 + Second semester 18= 33)
No. of Courses: 6 Courses ( Four Compulsory Courses and Two Optional Courses)
COURSES Courses: All Compulsory
GS-300: Introduction to Gender Studies
GS-301: Feminist Theory and Practice
GS-302: Feminist Research Methodologies
GS- 304: Social Construction of Gender
GS-303: Gender and Development
GS-305: Women’s Movement in Pakistan: Issues and Challenges
GS-306: Status of women in Pakistan
GS- 307: Gender-based violence
GS-308: Gender and Governance
GS-311: Gender and Media
GS-322: Women and Work
GS-323: Women and Environment
GS-324: Gender, Peace, and Security
GS-330: Gender Mainstreaming
GS-337: Gender and International Relations


Postgraduate Advanced Diploma in Gender StudiesPostgraduate Certificate in Gender Studies
S. No.Fee HeadRs.Rs.
1Transport Fee51005100
2Computer Charges570570
3Admission Fee03490
4Documents Verification Fee02500
5Identity Card0250
6Terminal Examination Fee11301130
7Tuition Fee Rs. 5670x 18 C/H10206085050
8Registration Fee03490
9Sports Charges860860
10Student Service Charges10001000
11Student Welfare Fund670670
12Library Charges910910
13Library Security07000

Fall-2021 Admission

List of Successful Candidates for Interviews

M.Phil (Gender Studies)