S.No.Student NameTopicSupervisorYear
1Abdul Qadir KhanSituation Analysis of Giral Secondary Education After Taliban Insurgency and Military Operation in District Dir (LOWERiDr. Kiran Nazir Ahmed2010
2Ali Raza QureshiHindu Students’ Experiences in Education SectorMs. Fatimah Ihsan2010
3Amna Iram KhanExperiences and Problems of Working Women as sales GirlsDr. Kiran Nazir Ahmed2010
4Asma SaharPerceptions on The Causes of Sexual Harassment Against Women on Campus (PUBLIC $ PRIVATE)Ms. Fatimah Ihsan2010
5Ayesha ManzoorCauses and Effects of Drugs on WomenDr. Kiran Nazir Ahmed2010
6Ayesha SarfrazMobility of Persons with Visual Impairment; Challenges and coping MechanismsDr. Kiran Nazir Ahmed2010
7Beenish RiazHow and To What Extent Microfinance Banks of Pakistan Are Successful in Female Poverty AlleviationDr. Farzana Bari2010
8Faisal RiazNurses’ Experiences of Sexual Harassment in DHQ Hospital Rajan PurMs. Fatimah Ihsan2010
9Fatima Farooq“Gender Differences in Social Experiences of |The People Living With The HIV/Aids ,,Dr. Kiran Nazir Ahmed2010
10Fazal RehmanAttitudinal Barriers Toward Female Education in Mehsud TribeDr. Kiran Nazir Ahmed2010
11Ghulam Ahmad BhattiTriple Burden of Rural Kammi Women in AgricultureDr. Farzana Bari2010
12Mahreen LiaqatEffects of Privatization on Women, A PTCL Case –StudyMs. Fatimah Ihsan2010
13Muafia MalikAwareness Among Police Officers Regarding Women Protection Bill 2006 Articles on Rape, Abduction, Fornication and AdulteryDr. Farzana Bari2010
14Muhammad Usman Ul-HaqueExperiences of Double Burden on Female TeachersMs. Fatimah Ihsan2010
15Nadia Anam Nature of Sexual Harassment on CampusMs. Fatimah Ihsan2010
16Rizwan Ahmad KhanEffects of Deprivation of Inheritance Land Rights on Married WomenDr. Kiran Nazir Ahmed2010
17Abdul Ghaffar KhattakParent’s Attitude Towards Women Higher Secondary EducationDr. Farzana Bari2011
18Abdul Naeem VeesarContribution of Women In Household EconomyMs. Fatimah Ihsan2011
19Ahmed SeroshWomen Economic Activities Lead to Real Women EmpowermentMs. Fatimah Ihsan2011
20Ambreen AkhtarDecoding Political Parties; Issues and Challenges Faced by Women Inside Political PartiesMs. Fatimah Ihsan2011
21Amna ShuaibSexual Harassment of The Women in The Market Places Forms and Coping MechanismsMs. Fatimah Ihsan2011
22Anam AzharSingle Parenthood A Comparative Study of Male and Female Headed Households and Their Impact on Children Education (A Qualitative Research Conducted in IslamabadDr. Farzana Bari2011
23Anum MaqboolSexual Harassment Faced By Nurses At Workplace (ISLAMABAD )Ms. Fatimah Ihsan2011
24Atif ZarifSocial And Religious Life of Families Living in Slums Areas ( A Case Study Slum Area in G-7/2 IslamabadDr. Kiran Nazir Ahmed2011
25Dad Muhammad WadhoProblems of Under Trial Women Prisoners in Ladies Jail LarkanaDr. Kiran Nazir Ahmed2011
26Ehtisham Ahmad Farooqi BangashGender Discrimination in Electronic MediaDr. Farzana Bari2011
27Fahmeeda IdreesRole of Technical and Vocational Education in Women Empowerment Case study of District GujranwalaDr. Farzana Bari2011
28FareehaProblems faced by women in Camp`s During Natural DisastersDr. Kiran Nazir Ahmed2011
29Farkhanda JabeenThe Motivational Factors Behind Parents Decision to Send Their Girls to College for EducationDr. Kiran Nazir Ahmed2011
30Hafiz Zubair HussainRural Women’ Access to Basic Health Care Services Study of Tahseel Kahuta Village Batala Sharif (Pakistan)2011Ms. Fatimah Ihsan2011
31Haroon Mustafa JanjuaThe Social Context of Female Headed Households (A Qualitative Research Conducted in Tehsil Kahuta)Dr. Farzana Bari2011
32Hina Ashraf ShahPerceptions of Men About Family Planning Practices A Case Study of A Village “RUMLI’’ (ISLAMABAD)Ms. Fatimah Ihsan2011
33Imran KhanRole of NGOs in Empowerment of Women (A Contradiction in –Terms) A Case Study of NGO “Wess’’ Quetta Balochistan Pakistan.Ms. Fatimah Ihsan2011
34Mehreen NadeemReasons and Consequences of Early Marriage Among Women in PakistanMs. Fatimah Ihsan2011
35Muhammad Asim HafeezChild Labor in Agriculture (Case Study of District Sahiwal)Dr. Farzana Bari2011
36Nahida AliThe Role of Hill-Bosh Local Support Organization (Women-Led Lso) For The Economic Empowerment of Women ; A Case Study of District Ghizer, Gilgit-BaltistanDr. Farzana Bari2011
37Poneema KhalidSocio-Economic Condition of Bhatta LaborsDr. Farzana Bari2011
38Raja Moazzam Ali BhattiThe Experiences of Women in Caste Based ConflictsDr. Kiran Nazir Ahmed2011
39Rana Faizan AhmadMale and Female prisoners and Their Health Issues (A Qualitative Research Conducted at District Jail Faisalabad)Dr. Farzana Bari2011
40Rifat MajeedPortrayal of Women In Punjabi Stage ShowsDr. Kiran Nazir Ahmed2011
41RubinaThe Use of Alcohol By Men and Its Effect on Women in The Two Villages  Aishe and Buber of District Ghizer Gilgit-BaltistanMs. Fatimah Ihsan2011
42Saba RasheedProfession of Nursing and workplace ProblemsDr. Farzana Bari2011
43Sadaf BukhariPortrayal of Women in Urdu Print Media A Content June 2008 to June 2009Dr. Kiran Nazir Ahmed2011
44Saman BukhariThe Role of Women in Livestock Management and Their Control on Livestock IncomeMs. Fatimah Ihsan2011
45Shahida BibiSocial and Economic Implications of Dowry on the Instution of MarriageDr. Kiran Nazir Ahmed2011
46Shaista KousarGender Perspective on the Institution of Purdah in Campus of Quaid-I-Azam University IslamabadDr. Farzana Bari2011
47Shehnaz JoharNon Traditional Profess An Employment Opportunity for the Socio-Economic Empowerment of Women in Hunza, A Study of Altit  Fort’ RenovationDr. Farzana Bari2011
48Shumaila AzizPerformance of Girls In Co-Education UniversitiesMs. Fatimah Ihsan2011
49Sidrah SharifComparison of Sexual Harassment of Female Nurses in Public and Private Hospital in PakistanMs. Fatimah Ihsan2011
50Sikander Ali WassanPatteren of Maternal Health Care Services Utilization; Barriers and Motivational Factors. (A Qualitative Research Conducted at District Umerkot, Village Haveli)Dr. Kiran Nazir Ahmed2011
51Sobia MahmoodGender Practices Within Multinational Food ChainDr. Kiran Nazir Ahmed2011
52Sultan AbubakarCauses and Effects of Drugs Among University Students (A Qualitative Research Conducted in Islamabad University)Ms. Fatimah Ihsan2011
53Syed Jamshad Ahmad BukhariEffects of Environmental Degradation on Women A Case Study of The Village Mohri Seid Ali Azad KashmirDr. Farzana Bari2011
54Syed Nadeem AhmedCritical Analysis of Inheritance Right (Landed Property) of Women (Married Women)Dr. Farzana Bari2011
55Toufique Ahmed WassanPortrayal of Women in Sindhi Lilerature Analysis of Noor-Ul-Huda Shah’S Short Story “Jalawatan”Dr. Kiran Nazir Ahmed2011
56Zahid Hussain QaziPerception of Women About The Relationship Between Education and Empowerment ( A Qualitative Research )Dr. Farzana Bari2011
57Zahida SharifWomen in Agricultural and Decision-Making RoleDr. Kiran Nazir Ahmed2011
58Zahoor Muhammad KhanTraditional Practices and Maternal Health (A Case Study of District Swabi Gadoon, Village Dewel)Dr. Kiran Nazir Ahmed2011
59Zehra ZafarWomen Working in top Management in The Corporate Sector: Their Experiences and The Social Cost DissertationDr. Kiran Nazir Ahmed2011
60Zujaja SarwarImpacts of Inflation on Low Income Household WomenDr. Kiran Nazir Ahmed2011
61Ahmed KhanThe Impact of Talibanization on women Mobility in SwatDr. Farzana Bari2012
62Aziz AhmedRole of handicrafts in the Economic Empowerment of womenMs. Fatimah Ihsan2012
63Bushra IftikharImpact of Mobile Phone Use on TeenagersDr. Farzana Bari2012
64Ghulam MurtazaImpact of Migration from Rural to Urban on WomenMs. Fatimah Ihsan2012
65Ghulam Murtaza MagsiSex Worker in Kabootra ( HINDU) CommunityMs. Fatimah Ihsan2012
66Majida Aftab AbbasiWomen S Social Belief on Spiritual Healers and WitchcraftDr. Farzana Bari2012
67Moazzam Sohail ShahzadSocio Economic Problems of Christian women in Pakistan(A Case Study of the Christian women of District Mandi Bahauddin)Ms. Fatimah Ihsan2012
68Muhammad Moeen RaufCause of Divorce Among Educated and Uneducated Women in (NAML) MianwaliDr. Farzana Bari2012
69Muhib Ullah KakarGirls’ dropout from School: Case Study of District PishinDr. Farzana Bari2012
70Muti-Ur RehmanIssues and Challenges Faced by bachelor’s and Spinsters in Finding New Renting HomesDr. Farzana Bari2012
71Nadia Hussan BangashStatus of Eunuchs in PakistanDr. Farzana Bari2012
72Parwasha Khan Niazi Portrayal of Women in Punjabi Film SongsMs. Fatimah Ihsan2012
73Qurra-Tul-Ain MirzaRole of NGO’s in Economic Empowerment’’ A Cast Study of Sarban District Chakwal’’Ms. Fatimah Ihsan2012
74Rasheeda BanoThe Problems of Female Domestic Workers Ms. Fatimah Ihsan2012
75Saba HanifBlasphemy Laws And Its Impact on Human RightsDr. Farzana Bari2012
76SaeedullahThe Perceptions Behind Lack of post Matriculate Education for Girls in ZhobMs. Fatimah Ihsan2012
77Sana MahmoodImpact of higher Education on women EmowermentDr. Dr. Farzana Bari2012
78Shafquat Hussin WassanSocial Status of Infertile WomenDr. Kiran Nazir Ahmed2012
79Shanza NiaziImpact of Breast Cancer on Women S LifeMs. Fatimah Ihsan2012
80Sumera IqbalProblems of Women working in Baking Sector A comparative study of Habib Bank Limited and First women Bank LimitDr. Kiran Nazir Ahmed2012
81Syed Inamud-DinChild Labor in Auto-Workshops in QuettaDr. Farzana Bari2012
82Syed SamiullahThe Impact of Militancy on Girls Primary Education in Swat(A Case Study of Village Kabal, Swat )Ms. Fatimah Ihsan2012
83Zahra ZarLife Conditions of Spinsters in PakistanDr. Farzana Bari2012
84Zeeshan AliSectarianism in Gilgit and Its Effects on Youth Residing in IslamabadDr. Farzana Bari2012
85Abdul RahimThe Economic Issues Faced By Female of Headed HouseholdsMs. Fatimah Ihsan2013
86Aneeqa AnsariLady Macbeth: Man Or A Woman?Dr. Farzana Bari2013
87Bibi MaryamA Glance on the Transformational Role of women of Gojal (Upper Hunza)Dr. Farzana Bari2013
88Bushra AliDisaster Driven Migration and It ’S Impact On Women (A Case Study Of Ataabad Disaster2010)Ms. Fatimah Ihsan2013
89Fatimah shahCauses of women Being RapedDr. Farzana Bari2013
90Laila HussainReasons and Causes of women Joining Al-Huda (A Case Study of Al-Huda International)Dr. Farzana Bari2013
91Muniba KanwalWomen leadership Role in Tablighi JamaatMs. Fatimah Ihsan2013
92NadeemChristians A persecuted Community an Appraisal of Their Fundamental human RightsDr. Farzana Bari2013
93Rizwan AhmedLink Between Television Viewers and DesensitizationDr. Farzana Bari2013
94Rizwan YousafPerception About honor Killing Among Young Boys in MarotMs. Fatimah Ihsan2013
95Roma AliPerceptions of People About Sex WorkersDr. Farzana Bari2013
96Saqib KhanEmpowerment Level of Working Women Within HouseholdDr. Farzana Bari2013
97Muhammad Kamran AkramReasons for The Rural Girls for Not Continuing Their Education After Primary School LevelDr. Farzana Bari2014
98Shagufta PerveenImpact on and Perceptions About Women Economic EmpowermentMs. Fatimah Ihsan2014
99Sarah AnverWomen’s Experiences in Emotional Abuse by Intimate PartnersDr. Farzana Bari2014
100Yasmeen ZamanRole of Women’s skills Development in improving Household EconomyDr. Farzana Bari2015
101Saboor KhanParents perception Towards female education on LoralaiDr. Farzana Bari2014
102Bint-e-ZahraA Comparative Study of Gender differences with reference to job stress in formal sectorMs. Fatimah Ihsan2014
103Ayesha MumtazIssues faced by female migrant Domestic Workers in Twin CitiesMs. Fatimah Ihsan2014
104Komal Pervez AwanStriving to Survive: Problems faced by HIJRA in CommunityMs. Fatimah Ihsan2014
105JamilaYouth Perceptions regarding Suicide in Tehsil PuniyalMs. Fatimah Ihsan2014
106Syeda Baryya ShahPolitical Empowerment of women in ChitralDr. Farzana Bari2014
107Nelofar KhanAutonomy and decision-making role of working women in Muzafarabad AJKDr. Farzana Bari2015
108Junaid KhanReason Behind Spinsterhood in HashtnagarDr. Farzana Bari2015
109Afrasiyab KhanInstitutional AporiaMs. Fatimah Ihsan2015
110Aneela AdnanStandpoints of female residents of France ColonyMs. Fatimah Ihsan2015
111Zoyina Ali PashaHijras and their life ExperiencesMs. Fatimah Ihsan2015
112JihandSocio-Economics Determinants of Women Empowerment in MakranMs. Fatimah Ihsan2015
113Naseeba KhatoonChallenges Faced by Children on the street in Islamabad and RawalpindiDr. Farzana Bari2016
114Huma Nawaz KhanThe Impact of Ideal Body Image in Bollywood Films on Young Girls.Ms. Amna Hafeez2017
115Mehnaz HayatWomen Empowerment in Hunza : Study of Highly Education Women.Dr. Ayesha Anees Ahmed2017
116Roheena  Ali ShahPhysically Impaired Women and the Issue of Marriage in Pakistan.Dr. Saad Ali Khan2017
117Safina BaigChallenges and Strengths of Sports Women of Gilgit Baltistan in   Cricket and FootballMs. Ms. Fatimah Ihsan2017
118Salma KhanTeenage Suicide in Hunza (Cases and Consequences)Ms. Aliya Amir Ali2017
119HikmatullahExperiences of Female Lawyers in Dera Ismail Khan High CourtMs. Rabbia Aslam2017
120Shahrukh KhanMaster Disciple Relation in Transgender Community in PakistanDr. Saad Ali Khan2017
121Saba FareedReligious Practices and Rituals of Transgender CommunityDr. Ayesha Anees2017
122Sumaira SafiIssues and Challenges faced by Women in Higher Education in Rural Areas of District Karak, Khyber PakhtunkhawaDr. Saad Ali Khan2017
123Saliha BanoWomen’s political participation in Giglit Baltistan and Impact on Women EmpowermentMs. Rabbia Aslam2017
124Asma GulEthnographic Research on Slums; Exploring the lives of women of Katchi Abadi, I-10/1, IslamabadMs. Aliya Amir Ali2017
125Bibi RaheelFactors that have influenced the cultural change in matrimonial rituals in Gojal over two decades (1995-2015)Ms. Fatimah Ihsan2017
126NajeebullahChanges in Socio – Economic Conditions and the Emergence of Purdah among Kochian Women of Tehsil Duki, District Loralai, BalochistanMs. Amna Hafeez2017
127Nazish BrohiWOMEN IN BONDED LABOR: A Case Study of Lower SindhDr. Kiran Nazir Ahmed2017
128Bibi FatimaIssues and Challenges faced by Females in Karakorum International UniversityDr. Saad Ali Khan2018
129Aqsa Akbar ChaudhryWomen in TheatresMs. Fatimah Ihsan2018
130Samra BatoolReasons behind out of school’s males in IslamabadMs. Amna Hafeez2018
131Mariana AslamA Comparative Study of Rural and Urban Working Women and their Role in Household Decision Making: A Case Study of Gilgit City and OshikhandassMs. Rabbia Aslam2018
132Sajda BanoWomen Economic Empowerment and its impact on Household level: A case Study of AKCSP project CIQAM ALTIT HunzaMs. Rabbia Aslam2018
133Maria MansabWomen’s Perception about marital rapeMs. Aliya Amir Ali2018
134Sakina KanwalPerceptions of Marriage Among Unmarried WomenDr. Aisha Anees2018
135Sahibzadi Hina ZebFiction as an encounter: a case study of university student’s engagement with Naseem Hijazi’s novel Dastan-i-MujahidDr. Kiran Nazir Ahmed2018
136Uzma AhmadGendered Political Culture of Student Organizations in Quaid-I-Azam UniversityMs. Aliya Amir Ali2018
137Iqra QurbanGendered Nature of Fine Arts Ms. Fatimah Ihsan2019
138Behram KhanWomen Participation in Agriculture in the Village of Lohmah Zarin District Barkhan, BalochistanMs. Aliya Amir Ali2019
139Arslan KhanThe Experiences of Hazara Widows in the aftermath of Sectarian Violence in QuettaMs. Fatimah Ihsan2019
140PrehGender Representation in Advertisement of Cellular Network CompaniesDr. Saad Ali Khan2019
141Laila AshrafChallenges faced by female domestic workers of MehrabadiMs. Fatimah Ihsan2020
142Syeda Mujeeba BatoolMera Jism Meri Marzi: Sexuality and moral construction of Pakistani societyDr. Aihsa Anees Malik2020
143NosheenEffects of Drug Usage on Male Students at Quaid-I-Azam University, IslamabadMs. Fatimah Ihsan2021
144Aimen Ayaz DurraniSocial Construction of Love conceptions of Romantic Love among young adult Men and women in PakistanDr. Ayesha Anees Malik2021
145KalsoomImpact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Gender Domestic Labor of the Families Belong to the Ismaili Community of the Northern Areas of Chitral and Gilgit BaltistanMs. Fatimah Ihsan2021
146Marvi KarimWomen’s political activism in Pakistan; a case study of Aurat MarchMs. Amna Hafeez Mobeen2021
147Manahil RehmanWomen criminality in Islamabad and Rawalpindi in the perspective of Law Enforcement DepartmentMs. Amna Hafeez Mobeen2021