Admission Criteria

Each student shall be admitted on the basis of merit which shall be determined by the  following criteria:

Marks Obtained in B.A./B.Sc./F.A./F. Sc.
Written test

Eligibility Criterion

Any applicant must possess at least a second class Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from a recognized university subject to the condition that they met the requirement of major subjects passed for the Bachelor’s degree as given in the Prospectus.

Each candidate shall make an application for admission on a prescribed form in response to an advertisement.

Admission will be made on merit, which will be determined on the basis of Intermediate and Degree level academic record according to the formula given in the prospectus subject to regional quota.

Requirement of Subjects Studies at Bachelor Degree Level:

B.A or B.Sc. / B.A Hons (3-years) with one of the following subjects: –
Sociology / Political Science / Economics / History / Geography / International Relations / Journalism / Mass Communication/Psychology/ Humanities and Anthropology.

M. Sc. Dues

Each student of the Master’s program of study shall be required to pay tuition fee and such other dues as may be determined by the University / Center for time to time.

Number of Seats for M.Sc.   Program in Gender Studies

A total number of seats will be according to the University formula. The admission will be centralized and seats will be allocated according to the regional quota on merit as being observed in the University.

The M.Sc. Program

The program will consist of four semesters and will require earning 63 credit hours as a prerequisite for M. Sc. degree. The last semester will be allocated for conducting research. However, the research topic and preliminary work will be finalized in the third semester. The break-up will be as follows:

(a) Compulsory courses      11        (3 credits each)
(b) Optional courses           05        (3 credits each)
(c) Research Project            01        (15 credits)
Literature Review and Research Design (3 credits)
Fieldwork & Seminar (6 credits)
Thesis and Viva-Voice                         (6 credits)

After completion of first, second and third semester a student can:

Take five courses worth 15 credit hours in lieu of conducting research OR Thesis based on field research (15 credit hours). Students opting for research topic will be required to defend the essay orally.

Rules for Teaching Academic Course

  • Minimum duration of teaching during a semester        = 16 weeks
  • A course of 3 credits hours means 3 hours of lecture in a week.
  • Lecturers to be delivered 32 lecturers in a semester.
  • i.e 48 hours in a semester @ 1 hours 30 minutes per lecture.

A student is evaluated in each course in the basis of class assignment, sessional tests and terminal examination.  50% marks shall be reserved for sessional tests and class assignments and 50% marks for the terminal examination.

Course Credit
Marks of Sessional / Class AssignmentMarks of Terminal
Total Marks
3 Credits7575150

A student obtaining less than 50% marks (38 out of 75 marks) in any course shall be deemed to have failed in the course.

If a student fails to appear in the terminal examination in a course (s) on medical or any other reasons, he/she shall be treated as absent and failed.

A date – wise record of the attendance of students shall be maintained by each teacher.

A student is eligible to appear in the terminal examination provided he/she who has attended not less than 80% of the lectures/seminars delivered in his/her class in each course shall not be allowed to appear in the terminal examination of the concerned course and shall be treated as having failed in that course.